Olive Oil Cookies - Plant-Based & Refined Sugar Free – Unrefined Bars

Olive Oil Cookies - Plant-Based & Refined Sugar Free

Crunchy round the edges, chewy in the middle. Need I say any more?
Makes 8 cookies
160g Oat Flour 
60g Ground Almonds
150g Coconut Sugar
100g (110ml) Olive Oil (I used Extra Virgin)
1 tbsp Oat M*lk (or milk of choice)
60g Raisins
60g Nuts/Seeds (I use Pecans or Sunflower Seeds)
1). Pre-heat the ovent to 180*C. In a bowl, measure out the oatflour and ground almonds and mix together.
2). Melt the coconut sugar, olive oil and oat milk in a bain marie over a low heat (stir from time to time).
3). When you can't see the grains of the coconut sugar anymore, remove from the heat and add to the oatflour/ground almonds and mix throughly.
4). Add your raisins/nuts
5). Roll into 8 balls and place on a baking sheet lined with greaseproof paper. Press the balls down a litte so they are not round but not completely flat either (they will run out into a cookie shape in the oven).
6). Bake for ~20 minutes
7). Leave to cool (this bit is hard, but needed for optimum chewyness!)
8). Enjoy!
Store in an air tight container for 4-5 days. Freezing half a batch so you can get one out the freezer when you fancy works well too.