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Founder Sophie loves a traybake. What she doesn't love is the rubbish that so often goes into them - refined sugars, empty calories and preservatives. 

So Sophie began developing recipes for her favourite traybakes which optimised nutrition whilst losing zero deliciousness. Many trials and many errors later, Unrefined Bars' indulgent traybake snack bars were born, every bit as moreish as the supermarket alternatives.

Our products show that traybake bars can actually add nutrition into your diet, as part of a healthy, balanced diet, rather than being something we grab out of convenience and then feel guilty about later.  


Almond Butter Flapjack

Moreish baked oat bar made with coconut sugar, almond butter and extra virgin olive oil.


Chocolate Tiffin (previously "Rocky Road")

Chunks of oaty biscuit and raisins covered in a creamy chocolate coating. 


Mixed Box

Can't decide? Grab a mixed box. Good luck deciding which is your favourite!


Nutrition meets indulgence

Letterbox friendly

So the only thing to worry about is if your dog loves all natural, vegan, gluten & refined sugar free treats. In which case, you're on your own. 

These are my new obsession, they are so delicious! 

Beth H

AMAZING! Love these I'm on my 3rd box. Can’t fault them xxx 


I'm addicted!! Literally could not believe these were vegan!

Sam W